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The Oratory in the New York City metropolitan area is coordinated by Rev. Dr. Clyde Kuemmerle.   Father Clyde was recently ordained to the priesthood within the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church at the request of the Old Catholic Oratory of the Common Life; the Rt. Rev. Carl Allen Jimenez, OCL, presided.   Please use the tab above to view the photographs of that liturgy.  

The liturgy was held at the Greenpoint Reformed Church (RCA), Brooklyn, NY.   The use of that space is greatly appreciated.   It is probably coincidental that we secured this space; however, perhaps it was also providential.   The Old Catholics originated in The Netherlands as did the Reformed Church in America (previously known as the Dutch Reformed Church).   Another interesting coincidence is that Greenpoint Church is actually a "house church".   The congregation, in times past, purchased a regular house and installed a very attractive chapel and other facilities in the house.   This was historically a common practice of the Old Catholics in The Netherlands.   Many of the Old Catholic "house churches" in that country are still functioning.

Father Clyde has been involved with ministry to the marginalized and forgotten for more than 30 years.   His activities have included founding a soup kitchen and shelter, as well as managment the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in Manhattan ... the largest such program in the United States.   Presently, Father Clyde is the founder and executive director of Ecclesia Ministries of New York Inc.   Ecclesia is a religious outreach program to the homeless, marginalized and forgotten of society in the New York City metropolitan area.   Ecclesia Ministries is interdenominational, offering community and worship each Sunday afternoon; the Mass (Eucharist) is followed by lunch in the parks of New York City.   Please read their web page through the link above.   Father Clyde also serves on the directors or advisory boards of many social and economic justice committees in the New York City, among them are: the Michah Institute, and the Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing.  Fr. Clyde is well known as an advocate in those circles.

Fr. Clyde is a graduate of New York Theological Seminary, having matriculated for the Master of Divinity (M. Div.) with that facility.   He also earlier earned degrees in Master of Arts in Theatre (University of Maryland) and a Ph. D. in Aesthetics (University of Minnesota).

For information about the Oratory in New York and sacramental services (weddings, funerals, hospital calls) please contact Father Clyde by email:   Rev. Dr. Clyde Kuemmerle, OCL     or by phone:   917-617-5945.  

The Oratory in New York is actively seeking candidates for the ordained ministry (Deacon or Priest).   If you think you might have a call to ministry, please contact Fr. Clyde and he will guide you in the right direction.   You can also make contact with our vocations director via email:   Rev. Dr. Geoff Acker, OCL.   Make contact with us and let us know your idea ... we might be able to help you in your spiritual journey.  

You do not have to be ordained to join the Oratory and we do have lay members.  No matter what your call might be, we want to hear your ideas; so get in touch  ...  you'll be glad that you did.

You can also reach us through our main web page or any of the other Oratory around the country.

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